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LASER Design, Demonstration, Installation, and training of Laser systems 5mw to 20 w full outdoor Laser systems. SurFF Laser Point Multicolour

A perfect artistic medium - the Coherent PureLight

Our newest star - the Innova PureLight Laser
With nominally 2 watts of razor-sharp blue. green , red, and yellow, the PureLight delivers superior color balance. So the colour you set is the colour you get. Performance after Performance.
In fact, your PureLight Laser will run hundreds of hours before needing even minor adjustments. About as close to "set it and forget it" as you can get.

The Highlight of your creative expression.
It's absolutely brilliant.
5 watts of crystal-clear argon blue and green light, or 1 watt of krypton red.
Thanks to Highlights extremely low divergence, you get sharp-edged beams, again and again. Highlight Lasers have an uptime record exceeding 98%.

DSD will demonstrate, install, configure a laser system for you....